Sunday, October 2, 2011

weekly update on Olivia

We continue to feel the blessings unfold around us.
I am so pleased to announce that another anonymous donation has been made for $1800.00.
I can't believe the generosity that has been shown to us.

This generosity allowed us the opportunity to get a lawyer this week. I met with her on Thursday and I love her. She explained everything so well and I feel she will be a blessing to work with.

We are well on our way to being ready for Miss Olivia....
On Friday my best friend came over and we got everything we needed to design the nursery. It was really fun to go over the layout, the paint colors and the mural. On Friday we also got a changing table to match the crib (given to us, yay!) as well as the travel system, thanks to my mom.
On Saturday we went yard sale shopping and got a dresser for Miss Olivia. After that we went to our nephew Kilex' 2nd birthday party. He's such a doll baby...I can't wait to see him love on Olivia. After that we came home to start painting her room, washing her little clothes and watched the Carolina game in between (let's not go there!)

Today my mom came down and helped us finish the nursery (3 coats of paint!), and we sanded and painted the crib and changing table. I feel so good getting all of that accomplished!

I have people still asking about how they can help, I can assure you we will appreciate and use any help we can get. We still have to get the room finished and a few miscellaneous items for her. A few people have still expressed interest in monetary donations, and I can assure you that any given will still go the adoption of Olivia. Since I am not her biological mother, any time off is not covered financially. Some of the extra funds donated will be used for that, and the rest will be used on any items needed for Olivia.

We have registered at Babies R Us (registry # 47475122) and it can be found here:

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for everything everyone has done. I can;t even stress how blessed we are- words cannot explain it. We love everyone and we think the world of you all!!

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