Tuesday, September 27, 2011

General News and Updates

I am so glad that I get to announce so much good news in one day!

Well we have decided on what we will name our little miracle....
We hope to soon introduce to you all (in person)
Brian and I battled with middle names for a bit, but ultimately felt Hope was perfect. Without Hope we wouldn't even be bringing Olivia home... how could it not be represented in her life forever? She alone has given us so much hope, and I haven't even met her. I think it's perfect. I can't wait to hold her in my arms. My baby girl. (I better stop. I am getting teary eyed)

Today decided upon a lawyer, we just need to meet with her to make it official. I feel God led her to us and that he will guide her into helping us the best way possible. That is one less worry off of my plate.

God has been good to us throughout this entire thing. Everyone knows that. He has just taken this situation and handled it. He has spoken to people to donate both money and baby items...we've had so many people rooting for us and praying for us. I am completely blessed by amazing people around me.... We received information recently that someonehas been called by God to donate a substantial amount to our legal needs, anonymously. In the tune of $2,000. I am awestruck. I know I shouldn't be, God said he would provide and well, he is! The person/people who did this have just touched mine and Brian's hearts so much. We will forever be grateful to everyone that has chipped in, no matter the amount. God is so great.

We still need about $1800 (LESS THAN HALF!!!) to officially be able to start the process of being Olivia's legal parents. $1800 is a drop int he bucket to the $4000 we need in total and I hope that folks can find it in their hearts to donate. Seriously a small amount means a lot. Each dollar gets us closer to being the mommy and daddy God has called us to be (and be it legally). My heart is pleading for you to answer if God is speaking to you. I don't mean to push anyone, i never would ...but anyone can look at their own children imagine the way my heart must feel. So close to having our baby, but just $1800 and some paperwork short. No amount will stop me from being Olivia's mom, just like any mom wouldn't be kept from their child. I know God is moving in people, and he will provide. I just need to wait, and listen.

Because the donation has come in a way other than paypal, I am posting a thermometer to show our progress, the chipin will be left so that people can donate, but weekly, I will add a thermometer to show the true progress (including cash).
(If you are on facebook, and could post a status with my blog link, it would mean the world to me)

(If you are on facebook, and could post a status with my blog link, it would mean the world to me)

I also want to take another opportunity to thank everyone in my life. I have been truly humbled by this experience. I am amazed at the things happeneing around me. God has put some truly amazing people in my life- nothing short of angels. Brian and I  (and Olivia) love you and thank you y'all. We will forever me indebted and grateful.

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