Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weekly update (late)

I haven’t written an update in a while. I’ve started to several time but I feel like there is so much going on right now that it seems so jumpy when I re-read it. But I know many people are following Olivia’s journey to home so I need to do my best at giving an update..even if it seems a little scrambled.

A lot of little milestones have occurred/will be occurring… And a few Big one’s.

We have our lawyer, we’ve paid her (WOOHOO! Thanks thanks thanks Olivia’s Angels!) and we have started paperwork. She has spoken to me and the birth-mom and gotten all the information she needs. The paperwork that will be used throughout the coming months is being drawn up and finalized for current information and piece by piece will be completed and submitted. What a fabulous feeling.

I have been working this week to take care of the medical side of this. I am working with my insurance company to not only add Olivia to our insurance but to reevaluate our policy to ensure we have the best coverage for a new tiny family member.
We have scheduled our home study. It is today (Wednesday, October 12, 2011). We received the mountain of paperwork in the mail last night. I did not get a chance to complete the paperwork but it is very interesting what all it entails: budget work-up, autobiography, pet information, background checks etc. It’s a lot to process through but I am happy to know they go through this before placing children in homes…
We have also been evaluating the safety of our home and our plan is something happens. (God forbid) We are replacing all the smoke detectors, making sure fire extinguishers are in date and that all appliances are functioning properly. We have also gone over our emergency evacuation plan and route. You can never be too careful.

This week I also finalized my plans for time off of work. Unfortnately adoptive parents just don’t get the same rights as biological parents and a little more finagling needed to be done to take care of it all. It appears I will use my PTO to take about a week off of work. Then return back to 40 hours, but on an altered schedule. One that allows me to be available more when she needs me. It’s is nice that I work for such and understanding place. My boss has been amazing about all of this.

Another ball I am trying to juggle is child care. Since I won’t get the typical 6 weeks at home, I am not comfortable with putting her in daycare…plus now a days for a good one you have to book when you first hit puberty so that once your name pops up on the waiting list, you have a child. Also, with her being born in cold and flu season I would ideally like her to be kept at my home. Plus that’s where all her stuff is, and I can go straight to work without waking her to be driven somewhere in the cold. Luckily, I have a sister-in-law that is amazing and has offered to keep her at my home for a VERY reasonable cost. I hope everything continues to work out here, it is an amazing feeling knowing she will be in my home, with someone I trust and loves children.
I am hoping to start her mural this week as well. I have almost everything I need for it. I just need to get the time to do it and I will be all set. After that, the nursery will be *almost complete*, minus a few minor details and we will be officially d-o-n-e, done with it! (and I will totally post pics!)
There is no update to the thermometer. Last weeks update on it still applies.

the biggest news is that on Friday (October 7) I got to go to the checkup with Olivia's birthmom. I have to say that I love our birthmom and our Rhonda (basically our new family). I hope to get there permission to do just a blog post on them....bc they rock. The baby  seems to be on target for weight. I got to hear her heartbeat (swoon!). Birthmom was 1 cm dialated, and all are healthy. I am so glad I got to be part of that. It made my heart so happy!!!

It’s funny all the things you do for such a little human. Wrapped already I guess…and I am not ashamed to admit it- she’s got me good…but you should see Brian!!! >{W.R.A.P.P.E.D}< like a pull of taffy. Guess I better get used to being the #2 lady in his life ;) I’m ok with that though!

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