Friday, September 23, 2011

Four long years becomes one short month

I thought my first real post (after the “getting to know us” post) was going to be about the decision we had made to go through an adoption agency, and the stress of coming up with almost $20,000 to adopt.
I thought I was going to explain about the conversaion I had with the agency rep, how we were goingto have to continue to wait 10-12 months and go through so many legal and personal hurdles.
Never in a mllion years did I ever imagine my first post would be about the precious little girl we were chosen to adopt.
So many of you already know this and want the whole scoop…and as any doting mom to be would….I am willing to spill. (er dying to spill, actually).
I could tell this story a million times, I could scream every sentence from the top of a mountain until my voice was gone…and then I could write it 150 times on a chalkboard. Everytime I say the word’s that were asked of me when I got the phone call that change my life, I fall in love with my baby girl all over (and fight back tears).
I. AM. GOING. TO. BE. A. MOM. (by Christmas at that!!!) wow.

Ok let me get the to the meat:

For the past few weeks I have been what you may call nesting (I didn’t know it then but it’s funny that in reality I was!) I had this overwhelming sence that God was going to bless us with a child. Now, I have always known this, and never cared how- adopted or biological. But the past few weeks have been different. I have been working like crazy in my house….ask anyone. The “guest room” could have only been considered that if you call all my half finished crafts and homeless items (you know- the one’s you have no idea what to do with but you feel bad getting rid of it) guests. Over the past few weeks the room got cleaned out, we bought new furniture, I started painted, and (gasp) my house has stayed spotless AND organized. Who knew our house had three bedrooms? I always thought it was a one bedroom with 2 extremely large closets.

During these past few weeks Brian and I actually had a sense that God was going to bless us soon…and by soon we thought within the next year.
We had heard about some folks that went through Bethany Christian Service and thought that it would be a nice place to adopt. On Monday at lunch, I spoke to the office manager and….we’ll just say I was pretty overwhelmed. There was a list a mile long of things I had to do: credit reports, background checks, fingerprinted, home study, application of approval to apply, actual application (yeh, I know), physicals, vet records for the dogs, 4 scrap books for prospective birth moms, a letter to birth moms, I can keep going but I think I made the point clear. Then she dropped the whammy- $20,000.

What did I think? Can’t….breath…..

It was all so overwhelming. Of course, I was willing to give it a try (anything for my baby) but I was just so lost on where to start. I sat in my car for a few moments and prayed. It went something like “God, you know my desire; you know my need for a child. You have spoken to me that you are going to answer my prayers, I feel it….but I don’t know what you want me to do to be in your will so that this blessing will come. Please guide me. If you are answering this prayer then I know you will provide. Please take this situation and handle it, because it is above me. I know you will show me the way. It’s yours. Amen”
I felt better….still wasn’t sure how I would get $20,000 but it wasn’t my problem…God would provide it.

(This is when I posted in on FB that we thought God was leading us to BCS)

That evening on the way home I got a call and the dialogue was something like this (the best I can remember it, as I am pretty sure I was suffering a stroke during it)
Rhonda: “Cari, how are you”
Me: “Fine?” (thinking, “who dis be?”)
Rhonda: “Cari this is Rhonda… How would you like to be a mommy by Christmas?”
Rhonda: “Cari?”
ME:….. (Insert sobbing which sounded more like a whale dying)….. “What? Really?”
Rhonda: “Yes, honey. I know someone with a beautiful baby girl that is due November 1st and needs a wonderful mommy to adopt her”
ME: (more whales dying) Oh my God…
Rhonda: Are you interested?
Me: yes, I would love that.
We talked longer but I am not sure she could understand me and my blubbering. She did a good job acting like she did though ;)

A MOM BY CHRISTMAS?! What? The last thought I had was that maybe by NEXT Christmas I’d have a baby….but this Christmas? In 6 weeks tops? I seriously thought I was going to vomit. (In a good way…yes there is a good way to vomit…don’t believe me? Try for 4 years to be a mommy then find out it is going to happen in a month- thought so)

I mean really, can you believe that? How else could this have happened other than divine intervention?
I can’t explain our emotions right now.
Brian is already wrapped and I am a MESS. I honestly feel like a kid on Christmas. Scratch that- a kid on Christmas aspires to feel like ME. ;) (In fact I think the new saying with me “I feel like Cari in September”)

**************This is where the public service announcement starts****************

We wouldn’t trade our girl for anything in the world…even though we weren’t prepared to get her this quickly. I am so happy actually, that I get her soon. But this leaves us with nothing planned and no items for her ..and very little time to do it in.
Our biggest need is for legal funds… If you look to the left of the page I have set up a chip in. It is secure and through paypal. I am a paypal verified member as well. (which means I am legit). Please think about donating to helping us finally make this little one our very own. It would mean the world to us. Pray. and contribute as God deems fit.

As you can see, we are only 1% towards our goal with a long way to go in a few short weeks.

We are also in need of baby items… it is a girl, so girl items would be best. I am not opposed to hand-me downs and thrift store finds (I actually love bargain shopping, just prefer it be clean and safe)
Most of all- PRAY. Pray for us to get the money we need, the items we need and for a safe delivery for our baby girl and her birth mom. Also pray we will be the parents God wants us to be and that we raise our little girl for his glory.
We love you all. And we thank you- we truly have amazing people in our lives (even strangers that have contacted me) I can’t tell you how much we love you all!

Stay tuned for more postings from us about our progress and OUR BABY!!!

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